Comedian Lizzy Hoo

Made from local and imported ingredients, Lizzy Hoo’s comedy serves up meaty truth sandwiches with a healthy dose of LOLs and a sprinkling of cynicism and controversy. Her stories twist and turn in unimaginable ways.
For Lizzy, comedy is a way for her to make sense of growing up in
suburban Brisbane where she loved weekend footy and meat pies but looked like “Cassandra off Wayne’s World”, “Lucy Liu” or, quite simply, “the Asian chick”.
She once had a whole street in
Thailand believe she was a famous Hollywood actress so she could get free pad Thais and tuk tuk rides.She’s a little tired of being called a bad driver or told she’s good at maths and kinda doesn’t want to hear about how many Asian women you’ve dated. She doesn’t mind, though, if you comment on her youthful looks.
In her 20s, Lizzy lived in Japan and later Mongolia. It was the first time in her life when nobody questioned where she was “really from?”. It was also the first time she experienced traditional Asian delicacies like sheep’s eyes and fish semen.In 2017, Lizzy used the NSW Raw Comedy State Finals as an opportunity to make fun of her mum and dad.

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