We got this comedy thingy going in 2015.  To help promote our solo shows at the 2015 Sydney Fringe Festival, a group of us put together a couple of showcase performances of ten comedians per night and decided to charge the ridiculously low but overwhelmingly irresistible price of ten bucks for entry.  Having completely wrung out our collective sponges of creativity to name our own solo shows, we lazily called our comedy showcases 10 Comedians for $10.

Our shows surprised us by selling out online several days before they opened, which worried us that perhaps the audiences knew something we didn’t, especially as we hadn’t even had a chance to bribe and cajole our friends and family to come before the shows sold out.

Those shows were held at The Hive Bar in Erskineville on the 18th and 19th of September.  We turned away dozens more people at the door.  The shows went incredibly well and we were astonished by the audience reactions: comments on our website, social media interaction, and buying the comedians drinks after the show – a magnificent tradition which (may we politely suggest) should be honoured after every show!

CJ Delling delights the audience at our first 10 Comedians for $10 show
CJ Delling delights the audience at our first 10 Comedians for $10 show

Our first two shows - SOLD OUT!
Our first two shows – SOLD OUT!

The initial two shows were performed by CJ Delling, Thao Thanh Cao, Ray Cashman, Kieran Daughton, David Tieck, Andrew Marriott, Justin Jones, Ruven Govender, Lee Reid, Sean Morahan and a special guest comedian.

Part of the wonderful audience at our first '10 for $10' show for 2016 on 14th May at Hornsby Railway Hotel
Part of the audience at our first ’10 Comedians’ show for 2016 on 14th May at Hornsby Railway Hotel

In 2016 we revisited the idea of 10 Comedians as a regular show, not just for festivals.  Our first show for 2016 was The Hornsby Railway Hotel and attracted 70 people.   Our next two shows at The Bat & Ball Hotel in Redfern both sold out the 70-seat function room, and we were off and running…

Soon after that, we saw the potential and need to supplement 10 Comedians with another stand-up comedy show, with fewer comedians, but with those comedians having longer sets to deliver more material and, is often the case, interact a bit more with the audience.  So we created a new show format and called it A Laugh And A Half.

In 2017 we sold out 10 shows at Sydney Fringe Festival, with some audience members even attending several shows!

We are gradually growing our comedy shows, and slowly adding to our line-up of comedians as we find, and work with, additional suitable comedy venues in and around Sydney.

If you want to come and see some of the hilarious nonsense we are getting up to, you can see our upcoming show here.

If you are a comedian wanting to perform with us, read the info and complete the application for our 10 Comedians shows.

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